Dolly Parton Looks Unrecognizable Today

Dolly Parton Looks Unrecognizable Today

Some stars remain etched in the public memory years after a hit song or acting part. Fans are surprised to learn what they look like many years later. Such is the case for a number of famous people from the 1970’s. Many successful women from this decade can still be seen on the television and movie screen.
Hawn was one of the most popular stars of this time with credits that include television shows such as Laugh-In and roles in movies such as Butterflies are Free. After a series of box office flops that followed her, she won an Academy Award for her acting talents and can still be seen as a guest on many contemporary television shows. Her daughter is another actress, Kate Hudson.

Olivia Newton-John

The Australian is famous for her pop hits during the 1970’s and her movie roles such as Grease. Her blond locks and bouncy personality made it easy for her attract fans. Long after her heyday, she’s still singing and touring all over Asia when not at home in her Vegas studio.

Carrie Fisher
Star of Star Wars movies as Princess Leia, Fisher was one of the most visible stars of the period. She is now known for both her roles in the film sequels and her work today as a screenwriter and actress with a one-woman show to her credit that can be seen on HBO as well as Broadway.

Raquel Welch
The pin-up girl of the 1970’s appeared in many films where her charms could be seen to great advantage. A poster with her from the movie One Million Years B.C. stands as an icon of the period. As an international sex symbol, she was the subject of much admiration. Today. Welch continues to further her acting career as well as endorsing many products such as eyeglasses.    
Jodie Foster
A child actress of the seventies, Foster was a staple both on television and in the movies. Since leaving her child roles behind, she’s made the transition to serious adult actress. Foster has earned credit as a director as well as a movie star in her own right with numerous awards to her name and movie credits like The Beaver and Carnage.

Faye Dunaway
After a series of roles in world-class films such as Chinatown, Bonnie and Clyde and The Towering Inferno, Dunaway became one of the most recognized stars of the period. Since then, she’s concentrated her talents the small screen with roles in many memorable made for television movies.

Sigourney Weaver
Weaver was seen in many iconic movies from this time frame including Aliens, Annie Hall and the police drama Serpico. Today, Weaver is still acting in major roles in widely acclaimed movies such as Avatar and The Cabin In the Woods.

Anjelica Houston
The daughter of director John Houston, her sultry looks got her a great deal of press attention during this period. Houston can still be seen today via her collaboration with Wes Anderson in films roles such The Royal Tenenbaums and The Life Aquatic.

Diane Keaton
One of Woody Allen’s favorite muses, Keaton has shown off her comedic talents in movies such as Sleeper and her academy award winning performance in Annie Hall. You can still see her today in other screen roles.

Lynda Carter
Carter is remembered fondly for her role in the hit television series, “Wonder Woman.” After shooting to fame on the small screen, she spent her spare time singing. She’s still in the music business today, still recording albums and showing up for television roles on the small screen much to the delight of her fans.


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