This is the exact moment Kim Kardashian discovered contouring

This is the exact moment Kim Kardashian discovered contouring

Over the last ten years, Kim Kardashian’s name has become similar with contouring. Well before she launched her own polemical kits, Kimmy (and her glam team) with success brought the stage makeup technique of shading and light to the plenty — and our cheekbones have not been constant.

While i used to be deep in a very picture analysis hole, I discovered one thing momentous: the precise MOMENT that Kim K discovered contouring.

Behold, the second our entire beauty lives modified.
On August 15, 2008, Kim was still operating her entry-level Kardashian glam.
One-shade face makeup that’s perhaps [*fr1] a shade too light-weight for her? affirmative. huge lashes with an important liner? completely. many peach blush? affirmative.

On August eighteen, 2008, Kim K was still simply traditional|a traditional|a standard} lady — with normal makeup.
Thick lashes? No eyeliner? World Health Organization among United States of America failed to wear our makeup like this in 2008?

Little did we all know, the times of Kim out at events in bottom makeup were returning to associate degree finish.

Kim stepped into her edifice, presumptively wanting just like the same lovely (but undone) lady.

POW. women and gentlemen, Kim has formally discovered contouring.

Here she is, out and concerning with a broken toe, wanting glam as hell.

Here she is heading to “The Late Show with David Letterman” fully GLAM — the primary time we’d ever actually seen that.

Based on my in depth picture analysis, this was the primary time Kim had extremely embraced the super-light undereyes and outlined cheekbones that might become her beauty signature.

I know; was there ever extremely a time we have a tendency to didn’t associate contouring with the Kardashians?

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