It's the Holidays! Time to require Some a lot of required break day, or Is It?

It's the Holidays! Time to require Some a lot of required break day, or Is It?

Here at PMA, we're greatly a family, each inside the team and with our purchasers likewise. thus as we have a tendency to make preparations for the vacations, we would like to respect the family time that our team enjoys and works thus arduous for, however square measure the vacations essentially a time to require off?

Depending on what business you are in, it's going to not be. If you're employed with those combating grief, addiction or anxiety - the vacations will greatly be a trigger, and my guess is, you are still on-call.

As a team, we're terribly careful concerning reaching out over the vacations (and for that matter, we have a tendency to hold off causation emails on evening and weekends year round), however its OK if you continue to feel the requirement to figure over the vacations, as a result of it is the good time to:

  • .Review your year, what were your successes? What may you are doing differently?
  • The holiday season could be a nice time to make a vision board for 2019, what does one need your focus to be?
  • Refresh your workspace!
  • Write personal letters - not emails, actual written notes - to your purchasers thanking them for his or her business over the past year.
  • Work on your social media content calendar for 2019
  • Read a book that motivates you! perhaps it's business connected, or personal growth, no matter excites you, do it!

But most of all, take this point to be glad, to your family for supporting you, your friends for continually being by your facet, your purchasers and your team. i would like to require this point to convey my team for all that they are doing to support our purchasers year spherical, while not them, PMA would not be what it's these days, and their dedication to every alternative and our purchasers don't go overlooked. it's been my focus over the past year to still encourage the team to explore their passions and do the work that excites them. after we work inside our passions, true magic happens (take this message, designed by PMA Rockstar Crystal Picard, she continually produces such stunning items. Show your love and follow her on Instagram!).
As the season is upon United States of America, we discover ourselves reflective on the past year and people UN agency have helped to form our business. it has been quite an year for United States of America all! we have a tendency to hope that 2018 has been even as unforgettable for you, your colleagues and your white-haired ones.
From the PMA family to yours, Happy Holidays!

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