New Year, New Congress: can something Change?

New Year, New Congress: can something Change?

Some have stated the middle - term election, conducted this past November, as a voter's statement, regarding the present President. Some have known as it a Blue Wave, since, especially, within the House of Representatives, Democrats gained forty seats, and currently management, the House, instead of being the minority party. can this be enough, to vary the business - as - usual, same - old, same - previous manner of conducting business, or can it merely bring, a brand new wave of agenda - driven, instead of a spotlight, on liberty and justice, for all? can the bulk of your time be spent, work President Trump, symbolically, dueling, with him, in an exceedingly Social Media, version, of the final word, blame - game? can we tend to merely see a special sort of political gall, that is akin, to somebody killing his oldsters, and pleading with the court for leniency, as a result of he was currently, Associate in Nursing orphan? Or, shall the general public, finally begin, to receive the amount of illustration, required and merited, if we tend to square measure to handle the relevant problems with the day, in an exceedingly well - thought-about, property manner? What would possibly we tend to really, observe, and can there be modification, for the better?

1. Border wall: whether or not one likes or dislikes President Trump, they must agree, his true talent, is appealing to his core supporters, in an exceedingly visceral, emotional, rhetoric and promise - crammed manner, and making the sort of association, with this 33- thirty fifth, like we've ne'er determined, in recent memory! thus, employing a visual prop, his Border Wall, and proclaiming, Mexico pays for it, and that we want it, to guard ourselves against the unhealthy individuals, United Nations agency square measure incursive our country, though he offers no verification of nearly any of his claims, it's not possible to make this a pair of, 000 mile wall, and most consultants, state, it's in Associate in Nursing ineffective, inefficient approach, whereas truth - checkers proclaim, he systematically tells lie, at wonderful rate, creates a political candidate, like few, we've ever determined before. we've witnessed a protracted, partial government closing, that has helped or served, no one, because he, creates a picture, driven by inciting fears and prejudice, and promotes the concept, the sole thanks to have a go at it, is with this physical border. Exactly, how, would possibly this new Congress, cope with this individual?

2. The Investigations: For the past 2 years, the President has been, somewhat secure, by the actual fact, his Party, has controlled each homes, and particularly, the House Judiciary Committee, and alternative investigative committees, that were chaired, by Republicans, will now, be headed, by less forgiving, Democrats. can the new management, handle this responsibly, or can they let, Mr. Trump, still take charge of the discussion, and prove, he is, at least, a master of diversion, etc?

3. Priorities: We've witnessed, within the last 2 years, additional of a spotlight on division, blaming, and complaining , prejudice, bigotry, self - interest, and personal/ political agenda, that has typically, divided, and pitted, one phase of yank society against another, combined with blaming, complaining , and rhetoric, vitriol, and empty guarantees, and millions of lying, and/ or, misstating. can this new Congress, demonstrate additional integrity, accountable behavior, and commitment to revive America, to what, has, traditionally, created America great? can we tend to emphasize health and education, and human rights, or, can we tend to still proceed, within the spiral, headed towards dynamic  our soul, for the worse?

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